Department of Public Relations and Advertisement
Head Of The Department
I thank you all  for having preferred the Department of Public relations and Advertising  for your undergraduate studies and I believe that you have chosen this Department wisely relying on your skills and expectations from life. You will learn effective communication and persuasive presentation, gain skills in creative advertising together with basic theoretical courses.   A strong work habit and ethic, creativity,  critical thinking,  an inquiring and questioning mind are essentials in public relations and advertising careers.  Jobs in this field require close association with people, organisations and clients; information, effective communication and creativity in relations is key to be successful.

Because of a rapidly growing business and media industry all over the world and Turkey, jobs related to public relations and advertising are diversifying. All organizations today have public relations responsibilities focused on stockholders, the communities, other organizations, internal employees and consumers. Advertising for an effective public relation is a must.    Because of this, public relations positions are available in almost all industries.
I wish  all my students   good luck and a successful year.

Prof. Dr. Şermin TEKİNALP
Head of the Department
Public Relations and Advertising